Fox Island Historical Society

Young Historian Program

Who: This program is recommended for children in grades 7-12. Also needed are residents of Fox Island who have stories to tell about their experiences on the island, or stories they have heard from their family.

What: This program will produce a documentary on the history of Fox Island from 1900-2000. The Young Historians will collect oral history from residents, and edit the interviews to create a documentary. This will be available for viewing online or at the museum. Future projects might include creation of a plaque to mark an historic spot or creation of a ''Living History Day''.

When: You can contact Corey McCool now to let him know you are interested in being a Young Historian. Meetings and research will begin this fall. We hope to finish the documentary by next summer.

Where: Most work should be completed at the museum, especially interviews. Some editing might be completed at the Young Historian's home.

Why: Opportunity. Opportunity for service, for leadership, to meet new people, and an opportunity to create a project to preserve Fox Island history because Fox Island is a cool place with a lot of great stories to tell.

Mentor Historian: Corey McCool, Fox Island resident and History teacher at Annie Wright School. 253-229-3479

Young Historian

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