Stories In Stone at the Fox Island Cemetery

Sunday June 23rd at 3pm

Your Fox Island Museum would like to introduce you to 5 fascinating families/individuals at our 1 hour Historic Cemetery Walk on Sunday, June 23 at 3PM at the Fox Island Cemetery.

*One island resident now laid to rest at the cemetery was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge, captured, and forced to march towards Germany. 

*One 17 year old daughter and her mom hitchhiked from Tacoma to Norfolk, Virginia to see her Dad.

*One island resident became a look alike James Bond 007 in a retirement career – which led to many engagements at entertainment locations.

Fox Island people in the past lived interesting lives – there may be a ghost story with original music from a ‘living’ former island singer writer.

The museum will be closed on Sunday, June 23rd so our volunteers can participate in the Cemetery Walk. We encourage our members to join us on the historic walk.